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Ira Weissman

Ira Weissman

President Weissman & Associates
Ira Weissman,CPA,CGMA, is the former chairman of the Accounting and Finance Department at Berkeley College and is presently the chief executive officer at the consulting firm that he has founded. He has extensive experience in public accounting with Deloitte & Touche and has also served as a CEO, COO and CFO for numerous organizations in corporate America. His academic background has also allowed him to serve on the graduate and undergraduate faculty for Baruch College, Rutgers University, Pace University, FDU, Seton Hall University, Long Island University, as well as Berkeley College. He is also a lead instructor for the Becker-DeVry CPA Educational review program. He has also written numerous articles which were published in the CPA Journal. He holds an active CPA license in New York, New Jersey and Arizona and is also a member of the state societies for these respective states.

Currently Teaching

Intermediate Accounting: Part I

This course provides the foundation for individuals pursuing a career in accounting and finance.

Intermediate Accounting: Part II

This course offers a foundation for individuals pursuing a career in accounting and finance.

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial statements and their use by finance professionals.

Advanced Accounting

Take this course if you are interested in more sophisticated coverage of accounting theory and practice, including items on the CPA examination.

Analyzing and Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements

Learn about financial statements, understand how to use them, and explore the nuances of financial reporting for nonprofit organizations.

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Reporting: Intensive in Fundraising

Become familiar with financial statements and learn how to use them, while exploring the nuances and implications of financial reporting.