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Ya'ara Keydar Luft

Ya'ara Keydar Luft

Adjunct Instructor

Ya’ara Keydar, MA, is a fashion historian and curator. Keydar graduated from the Costume Studies program at NYU and is a 2016 winner of NYU Steinhardt's Samuel Eshborn Award. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in fashion design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Keydar’s recent exhibition, “Cinderella Syndrome: A Journey In The Footsteps Of The Stiletto,” opened in June 2016 in Israel.  She also co-curated the exhibition “Beyond Measure: Fashion and the Plus-Size* Woman,” at 80WSE Gallery in New York, and curated the fashion exhibitions “Happily Ever After: The Israeli Bridal Gown Reimagined” and “Wedding Photographer: Bridal Portraits in Israel 1910-1990,” both exhibited in Ha'chava Gallery in Israel.  Keydar teaches Fashion in Museums at NYUSPS in the Center for Applied Liberal Arts.

Currently Teaching

Silver Lining: Fashion and Film

Contemplate the powerful role of fashion in films, and learn about fashion history, costume design, identity construction, and ideals of beauty.