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Gladys Bensimon Redmond

Gladys Bensimon Redmond

Adjunct Instructor

Gladys Bensimon Redmond  is an adjunct instructor at the Center for Applied Liberal Arts at New York University. She is also a professional photographer, an award-winning producer and director, and President of HBR Production LLC, a film and video production company located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Bensimon has worked in a wide range of genres from feature film to documentaries, and has produced and directed hundreds of educational video programs. She has been the recipient of several awards for her documentaries, and for many years she has served as a judge for the New York Emmy Awards. Bensimon earned a Master’s Degree of Art in media studies from The New School in New York City, and a Bachelors of Art Degree in mass media from the Catholic University of Caracas, Venezuela.

Currently Teaching

Producing Fundamentals

Gain an overview of a producer’s core creative, executive, and technical (line producing and production management) responsibilities.