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Scott MacKenzie

Scott MacKenzie

Adjunct Instructor

Currently Teaching

Revit Professional Level II

Build upon the material covered in Revit Professional Level I and acquire the skills to create a Revit project from the very beginning.

Revit Drawing Essentials

In this hands-on, lab-based course, learn the fundamentals of Autodesk Revit—from design through construction documentation.

Revit Drawing Intermediate

Acquire the skills to create Revit projects from the very beginning that include exterior and interior wall systems, roofs, ceilings, and room plans.

Revit Modeling and Rendering

Learn to customize project settings and systems families, create multiple design options in a single model, and manipulate geometry visibilities.

Discovering New York City Architecture: A Foundation in Design, Theory, and Practice

Explore the field of architecture from the ancient world to today.