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Sarit Levy

Sarit Levy

CEO Synergy Strategists
Dr. Sarit J. Levy has been in the academic and business environments for many years. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Touro University International, as well as a M.S. in management engineering and computer science from Long Island University in New York. Her B.A. specialized in history as well as comparative literature with a minor in Judaic studies. Dr. Levy has been working as a professor in the areas of business management, entrepreneurship, new product development, and marketing for nearly a decade. She has been recognized as a speaker and presenter for several conferences including winning awards in entrepreneurship. Dr. Levy is published in many scholarly journals and is an innovator in bringing new products to market. She is CEO of Synergy Strategists specializing in start-& operational business development & investor acquisition. Entrepreneurship, marketing.

Currently Teaching

Measuring Marketing Campaigns Using Digital Analytics

Learn to identify the critical metrics needed to distinguish and to maximize online and offline marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Analytics

Gain an understanding of the key principles of marketing analytics as applied to social media.

Online Reputation Management

Learn to mitigate negative information through search and search ranking and to extend a company’s brand identity through social profiles.

Digital Analytics

Learn how to measure digital marketing campaigns effectively using web analytics and email profile data.

Integrated Communications Strategies

Learn how to develop integrated marketing communication plans that include advertising, digital media, public relations, and more.