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Clayton Press

Clayton Press

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Clayton Press specializes in post-WWII art market dynamics and economics and in post-pop contemporary art. He is the curatorial advisor to several private collectors in North America and Europe and has organized numerous gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles and New York. He is the primary author of LOVE STORY, the Anne and Wolfgang Titze Collection (Vienna) and FIVE {PIAT}, which explored five American artists in context (Moscow). He is a sought-after media authority for commentary on the current art market. After graduating from the University of Rochester with majors in both art history and anthropology, he received his MA from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed the requirements for his PhD at Southern Illinois University and Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (Barbados).

Currently Teaching

Fine Art as a Financial Asset

Analyze the performance of fine art over time, within art collecting categories, and as compared to the stock market.

From Impressionism to Modernism: Art Movements and Markets

Learn about major developments in European and American art prior to WWII and the birth of the global art market.

Black Artists in the Global Art Market

This course surveys the history of art made by black artists and their activity in the global art market from the late 19th century to today.

Postwar and Contemporary Art Movements, Markets, and Money

Develop grounded knowledge of contemporary art history in parallel with an understanding of real art market economics.