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Margaret O'Keefe

Margaret O'Keefe

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Peggy O’Keefe is an adjunct instructor of business communications and marketing in the Paul McGhee and LHCM divisions of NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Academic credentials include a BS in Art Education and an MA in Communication Arts. 25 years as a global media technology executive include positions at Bankers Trust, First Boston, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Professional focus is on Cross-cultural communication, diversity management and workforce development. As a consultant she has developed/delivered programs on generational diversity, interpersonal workplace communications, professional management development, business communication, and presentation skills. These have been delivered as a keynote speaker and panelist for a variety of industry associations including Infocomm International, the Intercultural Management Association, and the Communication Media Managers’ Association.

Currently Teaching

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Learn specific strategies and techniques to improve your effectiveness when communicating with others.