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Digital Copyediting

Today’s copy editors have to become experts in anything at the drop of a hat. In the digital landscape, copyediting isn’t confined to a single topic or even a predictable production cycle; instead, it is necessary to be endlessly flexible and lightning-fast. This course explores the digital landscape, and the copy desks within it, allowing for a deeper understanding of the industry. Receive hands-on instruction in techniques that will allow you to edit quickly, accurately, and appropriately for any digital outlet. Learn how to create and maintain a house style guide—a vital part of any publication, but even more important for those working without the typographical constraints of traditional publishing. Practice communicating quickly and effectively with writers and editors under tight deadlines. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities of reporting responsibly with social media, from both an accuracy and a copyright perspective.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the digital media landscape and how copyediting fits within it
  • Experience copyediting and fact-checking digital content in a fast-paced environment
  • Techniques for editing a variety of content at a digital pace
  • Knowledge of how to create and maintain a house style guide, and an understanding of why it is important to digital publications
  • Comprehension of the role social media plays in digital publishing, and knowledge of how to responsibly edit content that relies on social media
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    • Semester

      Summer 2019
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      Jun 3 - Jul 26
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      • In-Person/Online Blended
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      In-Person/Online Blended
      • In-Person/Online Blended
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      Jakola, Kaitlyn
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      Location TBA
    Tuition $625