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Coaching Engagements in Practice

In this course, you will to use your coaching expertise to help clients to clarify and then reach their goals. In addition, you will develop a deeper understanding of and facility with core coaching competencies, models, and frameworks. You will participate in fieldwork that will include establishing, maintaining, and completing real-world coaching engagements. You will learn to coach clients under the guidance of a faculty member and then receive feedback from observers and peers to deepen your expertise. You also will practice applying the skills, techniques, assessments, and tools in real-world coaching situations. Throughout the course, strengthen your skills for identifying outcomes of coaching situations, recognizing the various coaching conversations needed, and developing your personal coaching presence.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the four phases of coaching, including tools, models and resources that support each phase
  • A personal brand and marketing approach for a coaching practice, including a vision, key messages, practice tools and resources, and the ability to attract and contract with clients
  • Coaching techniques and methodologies gained through fieldwork that includes establishing, maintaining, and completing real-world coaching engagements

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