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Medical Practice in Point-of-Care Interpreting (Spanish/English)

This hands-on, practical course, taught in a language lab using actual interpreting equipment and simulating real-life professional settings, provides immersive training in the critical domain of point-of-care or direct patient-contact situations involving LEP patients. Building upon what you learned in Medical Terminology: Anatomy, Diseases, Diagnosis, Prognoses, delve into real-time verbal encounters between bedside or direct contact health personnel (such as doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists) and LEP patients in Spanish/English. Learn to interpret with attention to the cultural dimensions of interlanguage transfer and to apply paralinguistic, nonverbal cues and other tacit elements of speech habits to mediate understanding between English and LEP speakers. Focus on three-point consecutive interpreting of moment-to-moment interaction between patient and health personnel. Complete and present a patient case study work sample in class—a critical report accompanied by a five-minute audio sample of your own role-played interpreting based upon an authentic case history. As culmination of the diploma program, this course also will include a final exam featuring an oral interpreting component that simulates the established CMI or CHI certification exams.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to listen, understand, interpret, and sight-translate from English to Spanish instructions, diagnoses, prognoses, reports, analyses, and other medical content given by health service personnel (including doctors, nurses, and paramedics) accurately, appropriately, and sensitively
  • Hands-on practical experience with simulated medical interpreting situations

Ideal for

  • Individuals interested in pursuing a career in medical interpreting
  • Interpreters who want to specialize in medical and/or switch from another field within the profession
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