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CleanTech, Renewables, and Alternative Energy Finance

Explore the models, financing vehicles, and investment opportunities for alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, electrical storage, and geothermal. Learn how these technologies integrate into the current power supply structure. Discover other innovative alternative energy sources’ potential and their financing mechanisms. Gain a greater understanding of the roles and impacts that these technologies are having on the energy sector, the different financing options for renewables, and the market impacts of increasing use of alternative fuels in the future. The different regulatory and policy matters affecting alternative energy will be studied and incorporated into modeling and written analysis. You also will attend events and presentations put on by members of the CleanTech community in the region. Practical exercises in financial modeling (project finance and corporate analysis) specific to the alternative energy sector will be performed to utilize different analysis tools. You will be provided market data and information on one or more sectors of the energy market and be required to deliver a comprehensive analysis and forecast of relevant energy market trends, prices, and insight.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the markets for alternative energy production and delivery
  • Knowledge of the different forms of financing and the models utilized by alternative energy sources
  • The ability to analyze and deliver informed interpretation of energy market data and to create forecasts
  • The skills to write reports and recommendations on various energy industry sectors
  • The insights to prepare market and corporate financial performance forecasts

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