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Autobiographical Fiction: Exploring Both Fiction and Memoir

You don’t need to know whether you want to write fiction or memoir; in fact, you can write a blend of the two and still end up with engaging, lively, and publishable writing. Explore how to use your own life experiences to inspire your writing and to create autobiographical fiction. How faithful is memory? How much of your writing can you embellish and still classify as memoir? Can fictional characters be based on real people? Explore these questions with readings from both fiction and memoir. Workshop your writing and discuss when to borrow from real life, and when to use your imagination.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of when and how fiction and memoir blur
  • Peer and instructor workshopped autobiographical fiction

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • Writers of all levels

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  • Spring 2019

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      Spring 2019
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      Feb 19 - Mar 26
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Woolworth Building