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The Art of Self-Editing

It’s often said that writing is rewriting, but how does one take a rough draft and revise it to perfection? Every writer has a different method: Joan Didion marks up her pages immediately after a day’s work, while J. K. Rowling creates a continuity sheet to keep track of runaway plot points. In this course, learn the secrets of self-editing and create your own template for revision, from organizing your material to polishing your prose. Walk away from this course with a toolkit for self-editing, including a pre-editing checklist, a bulleted guide to developmental editing, and over two dozen line-editing exercises.
Note: Please bring the first three pages of a piece of your writing (any genre) to the first class session.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Tools and strategies for revising, editing, and polishing your work
  • A greater understanding of the editing and revision processes, from first to final drafts

Ideal for

  • Experienced writers hoping to develop more effective and efficient strategies for revision
  • Writers looking to gain more creative and editorial independence
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