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Fix It, Sell It, Deliver It: A Producer's Survival Tactics for Postproduction, Distribution, Sales, and Marketing a Film

This course focuses on how film and TV producers can manage the often-overlooked and disregarded but intimidatingly technical and precise world of postproduction. It is an essential part of modern-day filmmaking given that more time, effort, and money are frequently spent in postproduction than in any other part of the filmmaking process. Yet there is so much that remains misunderstood or is downright wrong about how producers and storytellers engage with this critical part of the process. This course provides a complete understanding of postproduction’s vital part in every stage of the creative process—from the early steps of scriptwriting to preproduction to principal photography—and across multiple genres.

This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of all the essential elements that make up the world of postproduction, elements such as editing, DI/color correction, sound design and effects (FX), visual effects (VFX), dialogue editing, original score composition, soundtrack licensing, and final mix and deliverables. It also spotlights the details of scheduling, budgeting, and workflow. This course also offers far-reaching discussion and in-depth breakdown of the final part of the filmmaking process that follows on the heels of postproduction: festivals, sales, distribution, and marketing a project’s release. This process is a vital part of a producer’s initial strategic thinking during the beginning stages of a project’s creative and logistical DNA gestation. As a student in this course, gain practical knowledge through in-class instruction and demonstrations and exposure to award-winning professionals and industry-leading postproduction operations. You will discuss and develop several strategies for engagement with film festivals, the cultivation of relationships with sales agents, and positioning for success with distribution partners.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of the role of postproduction in the creative, budgeting, and workflow of film and TV projects
  • A detailed understanding of how producers manage postproduction budgets, schedules, and relationships with postproduction vendors, artists, and studios
  • Strategic command that can be employed early on in the life cycle of a project in order to ensure commercial success
  • An understanding and game plan of how to develop and nurture relationships and partnerships at an early stage with festivals, distributors, and sales agents

Ideal for

  • Filmmakers and producers seeking to learn more about the practical and logistical processes involved in managing the postproduction of film and TV projects
  • Anyone seeking to learn about the business processes involved in positioning a film or TV project for sale and distribution
  • Professionals working in the entertainment industry as well as those in sales, marketing, artist management, and project management
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