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The Producer on Set: Principal Photography and Production

Gain a comprehensive overview and a detailed understanding of the role, practical requirements, and expectations of a producer when preparing for and embarking on a film or TV series shoot. Learn the steps needed to establish a production entity, plan an appropriate preproduction period, approve and monitor a production budget and shooting schedule, recruit heads of departments, and lead the production crew toward completing principal photography on time and within budget. As a prospective producer, you also will learn how to create a comprehensive workflow to enable a smooth transition into a project’s postproduction and delivery phases.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of the role, responsibilities, and expectations of a producer in the physical production of a film or TV project
  • A detailed understanding of budgets and schedules, as well as recruiting and managing casts, crews, and heads of departments

Ideal for

  • Filmmakers and producers seeking to learn more about the practical and logistical processes involved in managing the physical production of a film or TV shoot
  • Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a film or TV producer
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