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Polygon Modeling and Digital Visualization

Before an object can be 3D printed, it must be converted to a polygonal mesh format. Thus, every 3D designer will benefit from knowing the fundamentals of and the cutting-edge applications for polygon modeling. It is important to establish a solid understanding of polygonal mesh development in order to manipulate, troubleshoot, optimize, and repair 3D design files before printing them. In this studio course, become familiar with the workflow and standard tools for polygon modeling and learn the basics of building complex 3D mesh forms. Topics to be covered include NURBS modeling methods, procedural design practices, deformers, subdivisions, and mesh decimation. Also, acquire the skills to develop rendered images of your own 3D design projects. These visualizations, combined with blueprint 2D drawings and physical 3D prints, will provide you with a clearer representation of all aspects of a 3D design project. Take this course as an introduction to the 3D design industry or to work on your own 3D project. No previous experience in 3D is required.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to build simple and complex forms using polygonal tools in service of the design process
  • The knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve potential 3D printing challenges before using polygonal modeling tools
  • The skills to prepare 3D designs for color or multimaterial 3D printing

Ideal for

  • Artists and designers
  • Anyone interested in 3D design and 3D printing

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  • Fall 2018
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      Fall 2018
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      Sep 22 - Oct 27
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      Rivera, Adrian
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