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Design Styles and Motifs

A foundation in the historical design styles prepares the interior design student for current, contemporary projects. Learn the key features of furniture, fabrics, decorative arts, color palettes, architecture, and use of interior space from antiquities through today. Strengthen your use of the vocabulary relevant to the architectural and design communities. The role of Eastern design and motifs on Western design is explored to provide a global perspective. Contemporary interpretations are presented for each style period to provoke thought and conversation. Emerging trends in design style and color are examined. Present a final project to demonstrate your understanding of design styles, inspiration, and influence for current or future projects.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Historical awareness of design styles and trends
  • An understanding of the historical context of art, architecture, and design
  • Examples of professional accomplishment in art, architecture, and design at national and international levels

Ideal for

  • Students new to the interior design field
  • Budding interior design enthusiasts
  • Those with a keen interest in interior design who would like to refresh their techniques and terminology
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