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Campaign and Experiential Marketing

This intensive course explores proven techniques from both brand and agency perspectives. Learn to develop strategy and to plan, execute, and manage campaigns from ideation through results analysis. Study how creative strategy is executed across all elements of the marketing mix, including interactive marketing, promotion, advertising, traditional media, digital media, social media, and experiential events. Learn to manage all elements effectively for consistent strategy and branding and for successful integration. During this course, engage in the creative process by building a cohesive campaign. Guest speakers from media, advertising, experiential events, brands, and interactive agencies are brought in throughout the course.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to develop a unique campaign and experiential event marketing initiative
  • The skills to adapt to marketplace shifts and then put them to work for partnerships, organizations, and brands
  • Familiarity with the overall process of campaign management and an understanding of how the creative aspects of strategy and execution must be linked to the media aspects of planning and management
  • Knowledge of what data should be collected through events marketing and why it is useful
  • Helpful data-collection tools, best practices, and privacy/ethical rules and regulations
  • An understanding of how to integrate consistent branding and consumer experiences into dramatic events
  • Knowledge of how to use social media and digital strategies to engage and convert attendees into customers
  • Familiarity with trending topics in campaign management and experiential events marketing
  • An understanding of the unique creative capabilities of each marketing channel, as well as the respective advantages and challenges of all elements in the marketing mix and best practices for each element
  • The ability to develop brand strategy in the form of a positioning statement
  • The skills to write a creative brief that presents the marketing objectives and challenge and provides the necessary information for the creative team to develop an integrated campaign
  • The ability to build an integrated marketing campaign that uses the best practices of each selling channel
  • Knowledge of how to work with and wrap media around your fully integrated marketing campaign

Ideal for

  • Marketers who work for brands or at agencies
  • Those interested in working with marketing, media, advertising, brands, and interactive agencies

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