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Persian Reading and Writing for Heritage Speakers: Beginner

This course is specifically designed for Farsi speakers who have acquired basic competence in speaking and listening, usually from hearing and speaking it at home, but have very limited, if any, reading and writing skills in the language. If this describes you, then this course can help you to improve your grammar, reading, and writing in order to strengthen your overall Farsi proficiency. Learn the Persian alphabet, practice simple handwriting, and become familiar with the Persian keyboard. Through targeted reading and writing practice, learn basic sentence structures and verb forms. By the end of the course, you will have acquired reading, writing, and grammatical skills and built upon your speaking and listening competency.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Improved grammatical accuracy in Farsi
  • Stronger reading and writing skills

Ideal for

  • Individuals who have acquired some spoken proficiency in Farsi, primarily by ear, and have very limited reading and writing skills in Persian
  • Those who are heritage speakers of Farsi, that is, those who know the language through colloquial use in the home or environment but not through academic study
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