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Introduction to Android App Development

Acquire the skills to write simple Android apps in Java and XML, using the free application Android Studio on macOS, Windows, or Linux. An Android app consists of intercommunicating objects—learn just enough Java to create them, to destroy them, and to make them talk to each other. See what happens when an app is launched and when the user touches the screen. Be able to create apps that incorporate text and graphics, perform simple animations, feature display controls such as buttons and sliders, respond to a touch or keystroke, recognize a swipe or pinch, and download information from a server.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to write simple Android apps
  • The fundamentals that allow you to continue progressing in app development on your own after the course using online Android documentation

Ideal for

  • Those who have never programmed before and are interested in learning
  • Those who want to create responsive apps that perform simple tasks

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