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Web Front-End III: Master Class (Full Stack Web Development)

Why does the MEAN web development stack stand apart from all others? Because it leverages the popularity of JavaScript across ALL application layers. The MEAN web development stack comprises four components: MongoDB, a NoSQL database that utilizes JSON syntax for storing documents and collections; Express, an elegant web framework that functions as middleware in a Node.js application; AngularJS, a client side MVC framework in which separation of concerns makes for a robust, maintainable code base; and Node.js, a highly scalable server-side framework that allows developers to write applications in JavaScript. If you already have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then this course can help you to become a full stack web developer using the MEAN stack.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of Node and an introduction to Yeoman generators
  • An understanding of MEAN stack, especially MongoDB

Ideal for

  • Professionals who aspire to enhance their expertise in building SPAs and rich-client applications using REST APIs
  • Web developers, IT project managers, software architects, and testing professionals

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