Healthcare Product and Brand Development: From Discovery to Launch to Brand Building

The process of developing healthcare products and services shares some similarities with conventional offerings; however, there are many more complexities associated with healthcare offerings given the higher proof of concept thresholds required and the number of intermediaries involved. This course examines the major processes involved in bringing healthcare products and services to market and in building healthcare brands. Learn what is involved in the pre-commercial evaluation phase, including the use of epidemiology data, identification of insights and unmet needs, and the quantification of an asset’s market potential. The course also examines the intricate regulatory approval process, including labeling strategies and the development of promotional claims, as well as the process of developing an asset into a brand in a complex environment of entrenched patient, provider, and payer attitudes and behaviors. Also, review the patient-centric frameworks and marketing and communications techniques and tools that are used to transform assets into healthcare brands.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The skills to evaluate how existing and emerging healthcare offerings are developed, brought to market, and promoted, as well as their respective challenges and opportunities
  • Patient-centric frameworks and analytical tools to identify attitudinal and behavioral patient dynamics, unmet needs, insights, and implications for a range of disease states
  • The ability to create strategically sound marketing and communications market development and to launch campaigns that meet and anticipate the evolving expectations of healthcare offerings by different stakeholders

Ideal for

  • Marketing and communications professionals who want to launch or advance their careers in the healthcare industry
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