Analytics for Energy Professionals

The ability to understand, and make sense of, energy data is an imperative in today’s fast-paced energy sector, whether it involves supply, demand, or prices. This course analyzes planning and real-time data and teaches energy-market specific interpretation and data analysis. Students will be charged with acquiring and interpreting data in the context of an energy scenario. Students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to understand energy analytics and its applications to decision making in the clean energy industry. Topics to be covered include an overview of energy markets, energy end uses, common energy data sources, and the analysis of related financials.

  • Large-scale energy markets
  • Wholesale and regional markets 
  • Utility regulations 
  • Planning and rates 
  • Analysis and trends

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to obtain wholesale energy market data and analyze it effectively
  • Demonstrable knowledge of local energy markets, including the ability to compare how they are planned and regulated and to evaluate how energy customers make decisions
  • The skills to evaluate and analyze the roles of buildings in the energy markets and to interpret how new technologies are aligning the building and energy sectors
  • The ability to perform cost-benefit analyses and comparisons of how various energy sources impact energy markets and effectively model their potential impact upon the grid and generation markets

Ideal for

  • Students interested in clean energy
  • Those seeking to work in the energy sector or a related field
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.