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1914: The History of the Descent into World War I

One hundred years ago, the shadow of the First World War fell across Europe and much of the African and Asian continents. Its effects continue to haunt Western policymakers today. The “Great War for Civilization” spawned the Armenian genocide, sowed the seeds of the Balkan Wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and precipitated the seemingly insoluble Arab-Israeli conflict. Its legacy can be clearly seen in the escalating tensions between China and Japan over the future of the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands. How did this catastrophic “War for Civilization” come about? This full-day course will trace the origins of this conflict from its beginnings in the French Revolution to its volcanic eruption in 1914. The culminating experience of this study will be an interactive simulation of the outbreak of World War I using primary source documents drawn from prominent Internet research sites.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the origins of the first war to be fought on a global stage
  • An analysis of the World War I’s impacts into the 21st century

Ideal for

  • Students of 20th-century history
  • Those seeking to deepen their understanding of the roots of today’s conflicts
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