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World Politics: A New Era for America and the World?

The world is going through a period of critical political and economic instability. Given the significance of the United States, changes in its foreign policy are of major importance to the world. Consequently, the Trump administration’s indicated new approaches could have a critical impact on the global condition and prospect. What are the key elements of the Trump world view? How will they affect security, economic, and environmental policies, as well as relations with other nations? Major states like China, Russia, India, Japan, and European nations also face many challenges—how are they responding? What will American approaches be to other countries in Asia, Latin America (e.g., Mexico), and Africa—and to their concerns? Will the new dynamics of the Middle East create more or less crises? What will the US role be in the area, and will there be a reset in relations with Israel? How will the United States and other major nations confront terrorism and deal with humanitarian issues like refugees? Is cyber the new battlefield? As we enter a new era, will the outcome strengthen or weaken America? Will there be more conflict or cooperation in international relations? Who will be the winners and losers? This course will examine these and other KEY questions in the context of current global affairs.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Historical context for examining today’s most critical issues
  • Analysis of global events

Ideal for

  • Students of current affairs who wish to deepen their understanding of global trends
  • Engaged individuals seeking broad analysis of today’s conflicts
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