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Testing, Analysis, and Experimental Design

Companies increasingly require marketing and other business-building campaigns to be measurable. Managers need the skills to test complex variables of price, promotion, product, and place. This course teaches the theory and practical applications of test strategy, design, implementation, and analysis. Learn why to test, when to test, what to test, how to test, and how to assess testing. Examine basic concepts of experimental design and analysis techniques for marketing tests used in traditional and evolving media channels. The course also covers techniques and approaches to testing; assessment of marketing test results, including direct mail, banner ads, landing pages, email tests, subject line tests, and PPC ads; and the measurement and monitoring of website effectiveness.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to structure marketing campaigns that apply statistical rigor
  • The expertise to determine the appropriate level of confidence for test assessment
  • Familiarity with rules for assessing smaller marketing research tests
  • An understanding of full-factorial test design considerations
  • Competency in utilizing analysis of variance (ANOVA) and other statistical measures
  • The ability to interpret and bridge test results from one test series to another

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