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Magazine and Website Copyediting

Learn how magazine and journal copyediting—for both print and digital formats—differs from book copyediting, while still focusing on the foundations of accuracy, clarity, and coherence that all copy editors need in their toolbox. Become familiar with the different parts of a magazine, from the front of book to the feature well, and each section’s unique style and function, which a copy editor must pay attention to. Learn what a style guide is and how each magazine has its own individual version that serves as a road map to understanding that particular publication. Explore the diversity of genres within the industry, and learn how a magazine copy editor is responsible for the individual voice of that magazine, all the way down to an article’s layout and photo captions. Focus on magazine production cycles, noting how a copy editor’s role and work dovetail with those of other editors, art department staff members, and production people. Gain hands-on experience inputting edits and working with layouts using Adobe InCopy and InDesign, as well as publishing stories via CMS.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to copyedit and proofread, as necessary, across the full spectrum of print and digital magazines
  • The skills to input text changes and work with layouts in Adobe InCopy and InDesign and to publish stories using CMS
  • Knowledge of the roles and tasks associated with magazine copyediting and proofreading in regard to style, consistency, voice, and tone
  • An understanding of the production cycle of magazines
  • Further developed grammar and copyediting skills

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  • Spring 2018
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    • Semester

      Spring 2018
    • Date

      Feb 26 - Apr 13
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      • In-Person/Online Blended
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      In-Person/Online Blended
      • In-Person/Online Blended
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      Spencer, Lauren
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      Location TBA
    • Apr 12 – Apr 12
    • Thursday
    • 6:30PM – 8:30PM
    • Location TBA
    • Feb 26 – Apr 13
    • Self-Paced
    • Mar 1 – Mar 29
    • Thursday
    • 6:30PM – 8:30PM
    • Location TBA
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