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Master Class in Coaching: Capstone

The Advanced Diploma in Coaching emphasizes real-world practice and experience, and this is reflected in this final Capstone review of core coaching competencies. In a safe and supportive class environment, you will demonstrate the coaching knowledge and skills that you have gained from prior courses. You will receive feedback from master practitioners and facilitators during your coaching interaction session that will help you to clarify your strengths and to identify key areas requiring continued focus and development.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Mastery of the coaching process through observed coaching in class relative to the NYUSPS-defined coaching competency model
  • The ability to work with an outside client to identify a SMART goal and to move the client toward an action plan
  • An understanding of why personal coaching in individual conversations is foundational to executive, organizational, and other forms of coaching
  • An ongoing personal and professional coaching practice development plan that gives careful consideration to your desired niche market and practice design

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