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FP 7: Financial Planning Capstone

In an environment of great uncertainty—in which clients often are turning to their financial planners for advice on a wide range of complex issues—it is increasingly important that financial planners have the skills to communicate recommendations in a clear, fair, and relevant manner. This financial planning communications course is designed to help assess and strengthen such skills. This course applies the technical knowledge you have gained throughout your studies into “real-life” client scenarios. You will quickly see that, while technical knowledge is important, the ability to communicate complex financial planning techniques to a client is equally so.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of the content found within the Diploma curriculum and the ability to effectively apply and integrate this information in the formulation of financial plans
  • The skills to effectively communicate a financial plan—both orally and in writing—including information based upon research; peer, colleague, or simulated client interaction; and results obtained from the synthesis of material
  • The skills to collect all necessary and relevant qualitative and quantitative information required to develop a financial plan
  • The ability to analyze personal financial situations and to evaluate a client’s objectives, needs, and values in order to develop an appropriate strategy within the financial plan
  • The logic and reasoning necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to specific problems
  • The expertise to evaluate the impact of economic, political, and regulatory issues in regard to financial plans
  • The ability to apply the CFP® Board Financial Planning Practice Standards to the financial planning process

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