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FP 6: Estate Planning

This course will provide you with the knowledge to recommend appropriate estate-planning techniques based upon an individual client’s constraints and objectives. Other topics to be covered in this course include estate planning processes and goals; methods of estate transfer at death; the federal estate tax; the federal gift tax; estate planning issues related to the generation-skipping transfer tax and income tax; methods of estate transfer during life; estate liquidity and postmortem actions; and estate planning for special situations, such as incapacity, family arrangements, and selecting fiduciaries. Fees for required study guides and the online final exam are not included in tuition. Required course booklets and online exams are available for purchase online at dalton-education.com/nyu-store .

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the estate-planning process and the goals that clients seek from it
  • The ability to advise clients regarding the best method for transferring assets during life, as well as the tax consequences of such transfers
  • The ability to advise clients regarding the eventual transfer of business assets
  • The skills to calculate the transfer tax that results from a transfer of wealth
  • The expertise to formulate an estate plan that meets client objectives
  • The ability to assist clients in planning for possible incapacity or other special situations

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