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Intelligent Leadership

In today’s business environment, managers and leaders at all levels are facing significant challenges in achieving and sustaining breakthrough results. Drivers—including new and innovative technology, economic change, the globalization of business and commerce, the legal and regulatory environment, and the complexities of organizational governance—impact project initiatives as never before. The skills and the acumen of an effective manager and an intelligent leader are essential in creating and executing a successful project that delivers to the expectations of the project owner and its customers. In this course, develop the skills needed to bring diverse individuals together into a cohesive, goal-oriented team. Learn to manage a high-performance team and to recognize the importance of balancing individual efforts with the collective efforts of the team—all toward achieving project goals and objectives. Course work reinforces team building and team management techniques through leadership development, and is designed to prepare project managers to address the complexities of managing diverse projects. You will participate in an in-class team simulation project. Concepts related to the stages of team development, motivational theory, decision-making methodologies, problem solving, and emotional intelligence are at the core of the curriculum.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the roles and responsibilities needed for the makeup of the project team
  • Best practices for demonstrating the importance of a clearly outlined understanding among team members (i.e., rules of engagement) around which the team agrees to work as a unit, including expectations for team performance, communications, decision-making, meeting management, and problem solving
  • Competency in the three models of emotional intelligence (EI): the ability model, the trait model, and the mixed model

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