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The People Domain of Project Management

This course is focused on the “soft skills” of project management—the people processing competencies that are essential for an effective project manager. They include a practical understanding of scope management, stakeholder management, team management, communications management, and integration management. Each of these project management knowledge areas draws upon the facilitation, management, and leadership skills exhibited in this role. The discussions, as well as the practical application of concepts and theory, will be delivered through a systematic approach that includes the study of all facets and how they fit together, how they interact, and how they affect and are affected by their environment. Apply the practices of stakeholder engagement, requirements traceability, the development of a staffing management plan, the use of communications models, and the change management process as you bridge theory with practice. The “people domain” associated with project management is behavioral at the core and front facing in leadership, reflecting the essential attributes of an effective manager.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the individuals and entities that have a stake in the success or the failure of the project initiative
  • The ability to assess the value of requirements traceability methodology to enable the project team to capture and track the evolution of requirements to specifications to deliverables
  • The skills necessary to prepare a communications grid and determine the objectives, identify content, and organize the delivery to specific audiences

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