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Clinical Data Analysis and Management for Clinicians

Database systems are the heart and soul of healthcare technology. A sound healthcare informatics strategy is built upon a strong working knowledge of database systems and interaction with healthcare databases. This course focuses on data processing that includes clinical data entry, clinical data organization, clinical data storage, clinical data manipulation, and clinical data retrieval. Acquire an understanding of how to differentiate clinical data from clinical information, and ascertain how clinical data supports decision-making. Learn the fundamentals of clinical database system technology. Topics include clinical database applications, clinical data modeling, clinical data architecture, meta structure, DBMS, clinical database analysis, normalization, clinical database design, referential integrity, entities, and an introduction to structured query language (SQL). Modeling concepts required to design and implement a healthcare database to enable reporting and analytics also will be covered.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to migrate clinical data into a clinical informatics system
  • The skills to generate clinical reports
  • The capacity to create a detailed data plan for a portion of an electronic medical record (EMR)

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