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Project Communications Management: Plan, Distribute, and Manage Project Communications

Project communication planning involves identifying the information needs and requirements of the project customers, who require intelligence regarding the project including schedules, budget data, and the business reasons for initiating the project. Communication planning activity encompasses documenting the where, how, and to whom project information is communicated. Explore the communication tools used to enhance the information and the communications that customers, team, and steering committee members receive during the progression of a project. These include spreadsheets for create tracking logs, text documents for creating reports, presentations for delivering updates, and document control systems for managing and organizing project documents. The practical application of online tools to share information and to create virtual meeting space is critically important for project teams that are located around the world. Learn how to develop a project calendar to assist in communicating the high-level time frames of the project directly to the customer and the team. Using effective methods of communication to ensure that stakeholders remain informed and engaged is at the heart of this discussion and is imperative in completing a successful project.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the importance of communication planning, including the distribution of data and information to team members and other stakeholders in a timely manner
  • Familiarity with reports used for status, measurements, issues, and actions of projects
  • Knowledge of different types of the project communications, including verbal, written (documentation and memos), and visual (presentations, body language, and video)

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  • Fall 2018

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      Fall 2018
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      Nov 15 - Nov 29
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    • Nov 15 – Nov 20
    • Tuesday, Thursday
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    • Norman Thomas Center
    • Nov 15 – Nov 29
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