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Project Management Operations: The Schedule and the Budget

This course is designed to introduce you to the essential skills associated with using software tools in project management work. These tools are needed to develop documents and reports, design presentations, construct basic budget worksheets, prepare graphics for presentation purposes, and develop basic schedules for the planning and execution of a project. Project schedules provide a certain amount of information for use in determining the kinds of tasks and activities that need to be performed in order to deliver the products or services, as well as the processes for which a project plan is designed. Scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project, help to facilitate the development of a timeline. Financial and material resources are needed to support the work of the project team. These resources usually are estimated and captured in a line item in the project management budget. Cost management skills also play a critical role in planning and implementing a successful project. Tools such as Microsoft Excel can produce and track a basic project budget. You will be introduced to these software tools for developing documents, spreadsheets, and schedules. Gain an understanding of the theory behind them, the instances in which they are used, and the ways in which they are applied.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The components of time management, the purposes of activity definition and sequencing, the factors affecting activity duration, and the techniques for estimating activity duration
  • Familiarity with different diagramming techniques
  • Basic budgeting methods for project budgeting to control project costs and to calculate cost and schedule variance
  • Competency in developing group schedules using an online scheduling tool

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