ESL Listening and Speaking: Intermediate B

This course is for intermediate-level students of English. Students learn how pronunciation factors, such as rhythm, are strongly linked to comprehension skills. They improve their listening comprehension through guided practice using videos and online materials. Also, they continue to improve grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary while learning to express ideas better verbally. Activities such as small-group discussions and role-playing provide myriad opportunities to practice oral communication skills.

More details

You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to participate in and sustain conversations in English about topics of personal interest
  • The ability to relate a sequence of events using appropriate transitions and basic tenses in English
  • The ability to state opinions in English with concrete support

Ideal for

  • Nonnative speakers of English
  • Intermediate-level students of English who are looking to advance their professional, academic, and personal goals
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.