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Figurative Expressionists of the New York School

Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Joan Mitchell, and Jackson Pollock were signature artists who helped to define the canons of abstract expressionism. By habit, we have underexamined their contemporaneous figurative expressionists. The former eschewed the figure in favor of the “gesture,” while the latter put abstract expressionist “process as subject” at the service of humanism. This course examines both paths as symbiotic lanes of the same highway, frequently sharing formalist devices, humble or discarded materials, media as subject matter, art as critique of its precedents, dialogue with non-Western and classical Western traditions, and the influence of Hans Hofmann. Painters and sculptors who will be discussed include Emma Amos, Gandy Brodie, Robert De Niro Sr., Jackie Ferrara, Mary Frank, Irving Kriesberg, Marcia Marcus, Jay Milder, Jan and Dody Muller, Larry Rivers, Anne Tabachnick, and Bob Thompson. Get an inside look at the development of the New York School of the 1950s and ’60s under the guidance of Dr. George Nelson Preston, charter member of the Phoenix Gallery, poet, art critic, professor, and founder of the Artist’s Studio at 48 East Third Street, where he “orchestrated the most important poetry readings ever held in New York” (Fred W. McDarrah, in Kerouac and Friends).

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of figurative expressionism and signature artists from that movement
  • Familiarity with the abstract expressionists and the figurative expressionists of New York School in the 1950s and ’60s

Ideal for

  • Artists and arts professionals
  • Art enthusiasts
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