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Video Copyediting

As traditionally text-focused publishers move into video production, copyediting remains a crucial force to ensure quality and accuracy of all content. Copy editors have long been the standard-bearers in text-based media, and video presents an opportunity to apply those skills to a new medium. This hands-on look at copyediting for video will train both new and seasoned copy editors to apply their vital skills to this newly prominent medium. The course will include training in script editing, fact-checking reported video content, and closed captioning, as well as an introduction to copyright law as it relates to asset gathering for video. Become familiar with the existing structures for copyediting video, and learn how to create new systems for publishers that don’t currently have a process for video copyediting.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A deeper understanding of video as a storytelling medium, particularly in modern media
  • Knowledge of the facets of video production, from script writing to video editing
  • A basic understanding of copyright law and the tenets of fair use
  • Techniques for applying copyediting best practices to the unique constraints of video storytelling
  • The ability to edit video material swiftly and responsibly to preserve its integrity, its accuracy, and the tone of the publication associated with the content

Ideal for

  • Copy editors who are interested in broadening their skills to include video copyediting
  • Professionals interested in pursuing a career in the copyediting field
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