NYU SPS Mission Statement

The NYU School of Professional Studies is a distinct, yet highly complex teaching and learning environment that has continuously evolved over more than eight decades. It provides a stellar NYU education to those who seek to enhance their skills, advance their careers, and enrich their lives. The School’s mission statement serves to articulate the essence of all that we do in one simple, yet compelling phrase.

Learn more about the process for developing the mission statement, its underlying value proposition, and the ways in which it can be utilized to define and amplify the unique brand of education we offer by clicking on the links to the right and reading the content below.


Prepare our students to succeed at all stages of their educational and professional journeys by providing transformative learning steeped in real-world applications, while impacting global industries, professions, and communities.

NYU SPS Values

The NYU SPS mission statement is supported by a value proposition that focuses on four key facets.  Each is further defined by unique attributes that can be used as talking points and to illustrate the underlying strengths of the overarching message.

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Committed to Academic Excellence

  • Foster exceptional teaching and applied research that translates theory and real-world experiences into dynamic, high-value curricula.

  • Bring diverse and cross-disciplinary perspectives and the principles of inclusion into our academics

  • Offer access to an unrivaled range of disciplines

  • Capitalize on the global assets of New York University
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Inspired by Tomorrow’s Challenges

  • Champion innovation and agility in courses and programs

  • Partner with professional communities to anticipate and deliver solutions to emerging opportunities.

  • Seek positive social and economic impact
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Invested in Enduring Relationships

  • Collaborate with thought leaders around the globe

  • Understand and influence the pulse of industries and professions

  • Leverage New York and its thriving institutions

  • Promote transformative networks of colleagues, alumni, and mentors
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Supported by a Collaborative Culture

  • Ensure inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity and access (IDBEA) at SPS

  • Actively engage in SPS students’ individual and community development

  • Build thriving faculty communities

  • Foster staff contributions and connections across the school and university