Process for Department Reviewer Access - Observer Role


In order to observe an online class an observer must obtain Departmental Delegated Access to the course site in question. Such access permits school-specific approved staff to access an existing course site within NYU Classes. Such access does not mean that the observer is a participant within the site and cannot receive course messages, announcements, etc. The Observer Role is limited to the observation of online courses. See the chart below for the user's permissions.

Process for Access

1) After being notified by the academic department that he or she will be conducting and observation, the faculty-observer sends an email to: to add requesting delegated access. The request must include the following:


a) Name of Observer

b) NYU Email

c) Courses to be Observed

d) Duration of Observation


2) CAES will work with NYU ITS to process the request. CAES will notify the observer and the academic department when access is granted. Typically, this takes up to 72 hours.


Important Note: Each recipient of Observer Access must sign a document acknowledging the conditions of Access. The current terms of use can be found here.

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Last Updated: November 2017