Julia Keefer

Adjunct Associate Professor

Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

  • MA, Emerson College, Boston
  • MA, La Sorbonne, Paris
  • PHD, New York University
Contact Info

Julia Keefer received her PhD from NYU, where she has taught for the past 25 years. She has master's degrees from Emerson College and La Sorbonne, Paris, as well as a plethora of health science and fitness certifications and licenses. Keefer is a writer, professor, performer, and screenwriting consultant.  She has optioned screenplays and produced plays, and she is the editor-in-chief of three international online journals. Her publications include a novel, short stories in three Doubleday anthologies, and poetry in online journals and with the 92Y. As a global literature professor and screenwriter, Keefer is especially interested in adapting fiction to the screen. She received the NYU McGhee Award for Outstanding Service/Teaching  Excellence 1993-2013.  Keefer's courses include Adaptations for the Screen at NYUSPS in the Center for Applied Liberal Arts.

Mar 17 2016

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Mar 10 2015

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Jan 01 2015

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