William F Hewitt

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Center for Global Affairs

  • BA, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MS, New School
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Bill Hewitt has been an environmental professional for more than 30 years. He is a writer and teaches at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs, with graduate and continuing education classes on energy and the environment, global climate change, and clean tech. He was the Director of Public Affairs for the NYC regional office of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for 11 years. He was the blogger on climate change and sustainability for the Foreign Policy Association for five years and blogs now at his own site, “A Newer World.” As an activist, Hewitt has worked on a number of political and environmental campaigns.

His book, "A Newer World – Politics, Money, Technology, and What’s Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis," published by the University Press of New England late in 2012, was endorsed by Bill McKibben and Elizabeth Kolbert, had several very favorable reviews, and was excerpted at several popular websites. He has written articles and book reviews, as well as op-ed pieces and letters, on subjects relating to sustainability and international relations for DeSmogBlog, the American Planning Association, the Foreign Policy Association, Nature Reports Climate Change, Grist, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the New Yorker, the NY Times, and Financial Times, among others. He is working on a new book, "Meat, Fish, and Feed," on the environmental, health, food security and livelihood implications of animal agriculture and fisheries.

Dec 12 2012

A Newer World - Politics, Money, Technology, and What's Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis

By University Press of New England
Jun 15 2012


By "A Newer World" - blog