Message from the Divisional Dean
Vera Jelinek
Divisional Dean and Founder, NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs

In 2004, I and a small group of dedicated faculty members launched The Center for Global Affairs with its flagship graduate program.  Our goals for the program were ambitious, but 15 years ago we never could have imagined the dynamic and innovative source of education, research, and student success that our program has become today.


Our corridors in lower Manhattan are a hub of energy and vibrancy, an atmosphere that extends into classes, student activities, events, and professional opportunities. The collaborations between our faculty members, students, and our larger networks throughout New York City and the world, expand horizons and opportunities for meaningful work.  Our community is a true example of what we advocate: interdisciplinary and practical approaches to global challenges.


Our faculty members and administrators are equally dedicated to students. You will find open doors and those who are passionate about your academic and professional success. CGA faculty members are top scholars and practitioners, diverse in knowledge, and committed to CGA’s mission of shaping future global leaders. While teaching, researching, and engaging in fieldwork, they are able to help you define your career trajectory and connect you to their extensive networks. Our administrative team always  is available for advisement and includes CGA alumni and seasoned professionals in international education.


In trying to convey the excitement that I feel for CGA even today, I went through our archives of the hundreds of public and special events that featured leading policymakers and diplomats, from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Journalists, economists, activists, and other global leaders in events that run throughout the year provide our students with opportunities to meet and speak with some of today’s thought leaders.


CGA continues to grow and change in response to industry demands and political, economic, and social evolution. Our 1400 alumni spread out across the globe and working in the international arena can attest to our commitment to creating the next generation of global leaders.  I assure you that if I am passionate about the transforming value of global education, it is with good cause. If you join our community, you will have a graduate experience unlike any other