Human Capital Management

Managerial & Executive Coaching

Coaching is a learning tool that can be utilized to drive almost any learning and development function in an organization, from induction and general skills training, to transition, succession planning and leadership development. This course provides students with the frameworks and systems for all ways in which coaching can be applied, including looking at a broad range of models and approaches in the field today. Through a combination of presentations (teacher, student and guest), case studies, research, and written assignments, students will develop an understanding of global trends and best-practices in the use of coaching in the workplace. Topics include: life-coaching; internal coaching programs; induction coaching; transition coaching; learning and development initiatives; manager as coach; and developing coaching with respect to cultural considerations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be expected to be able to design a wide range of coaching programs ready for delivery to an organization, either as an internal or external HR/OD professional or consultant.
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