Human Capital Management

Coaching Skills & Techniques

Coaching is more of a spoken language than a set of theories, thus it is important that students develop high-level delivery skills for all types of coaching, ensuring that they are able to structure coaching conversations well and work within the theories and frameworks established in the previous module. Using a combination of presentations, challenging live exercises, coaching assignments, guest lecturers, readings and live assessment of skills, students will therefore be prepared for coaching other people in many situations, by applying a range of coaching tools and processes. Topics include contracting, establishing trust and intimacy, developing goals, strategies and action plans, managing coaching conversations, managing progress during an engagement, creating awareness, and ethics. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be expected to have: developed the ability to apply the theories learned in the Foundations course to real-world coaching situations, gained an appreciation of the various techniques used to engage people in a coaching dialogue, learned how to establish a coaching interaction, understood how to use coaching to deepen an individual?s self-awareness in order to promote action and accountability.
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