Human Capital Management

Leadership & Team Building

Today's managers must act as leaders who build collaborative enterprises to enable organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to new market opportunities, new competitors, acquisitions, shifting market demographics, new technology and changes in government regulations. Effective professionals must understand modern leadership and management strategies, and the best ways for working together with others. A key leadership activity is implementing actions that match their organization's people behaviors to the organization's strategy. New strategies might require incremental changes, or sudden metamorphoses into completely new entities, to meet market challenges and/or opportunities. Leaders, working with and through highly trained teams, must guide organizations through these changes. A necessary corollary leadership activity is energizing teams to carry out the transformation processes throughout the organization. In this course, lectures, discussions, assigned readings, case studies, and student projects are used to explore effective leadership, leader-team relations, and successful implementation of organizational transformation. At its conclusion the student will have mastered the basic fundamentals of, and perspectives on, leadership; various aspects of the relationship between leaders and teams, and their impact on transformational and other organizational activities; application of these concepts to the student's own past, present, and prospective professional circumstances.
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