Faculty & Mentors

Aspire Mentorship
Aspire mentors and their mentees form deep bonds that provide incredible satisfaction and an amazing life experience for both.

A major component of the Aspire program experience is the tremendous support students receive from faculty members and mentors. Course content is delivered by faculty members who are able to bring the subject matter to life and who encourage students to reach beyond their comfort zone to get the most out of the learning experience.

Each student is paired with a mentor who will support them throughout their time in the program. Mentors serve as positive reinforcement, coaching their mentees through assignments, discussing their own college experience, and providing helpful tips and guidance on choosing a college and navigating through the admissions and financial aid process. 

Leadership class
Leadership Class

Faculty members provide a stimulating learning environment that empowers students to build critical thinking skills and develop techniques for problem solving.

College Prep
College Prep Class

Courses afford a forum for discussion and for interactivity that initiates students into a vibrant learning community.

Working in the Labs
Student and Mentor in Labs

Mentors work with their mentees to define career paths and explore college options.