Mission and Commitment Statements

Adaptable, Creativity, Inquiry, Trustful, Respectful, Reciprocal, and Advocates

Co-Creating Our Experiences: A Vision of joint Decision-Making and Prioritization

As CAES sought to engage in strategic planning updates, we realized that our “plan” needed to explicitly illustrate how we honor our stakeholders and openly acknowledge that we cannot place process above people. Nor, can we place ambitious agendas above agility and adaptability. Our new vision prioritizes our adaptability, creativity, open inquire, trustfulness, respect, reciprocity and advocacy for and with our faculty. It is centered on our faculty and stakeholders within the mission and vision—not as third-party beneficiaries, but as central decision-making partners. Instead of rigid strategic plans and tactical operations, we have opted for commitment statements. The goals within each will reflect our four major pillars and our 16-member Faculty Advisory Board contributes to our measures for success within each.


Our Center’s mission is dedicated to unleashing curiosity, creativity and innovation in partnership with and as advocates who champion the talented NYUSPS faculty. Our partnership recognizes and reimagines the relationship between teaching and learning in the pursuit of academic excellence. This is accomplished through participating actively in conversations that foster deep and lifelong learning with the faculty, students and administration of NYUSPS. The CAES team is committed to this mission with and for our faculty by striving for excellence in our four pillars of learning design, faculty professional pathways, assessments of learning, and educational technologies.


Commitment Statements and Goals

1. Building Trust: Building trust with faculty through authentic and honest conversations with stakeholders and collaborative decision-making. 2. Being Adaptable: Maximum effectiveness while servicing a dynamic body of faculty with their evolving needs and priorities. 3. Fostering Creativity: Fostering an environment that promotes teaching and learning innovation through the recognition that the journey towards innovation is personal and starts with the expertise of SPS faculty. 4. Inquiry: Open-minded inquiry that builds mutual understanding of multiple perspectives in our journey of discovering, refining, and reflecting on new teaching, design, and assessment approaches. 5. Respectful: Treating all our clients and stakeholders with the respect that accompanies a democratized organization in which all perspectives are acknowledged and honored and all persons are treated equally. 6. Showing Reciprocity: Being influenced by our stakeholders’ needs and interests and to orchestrate our actions accordingly. 7. Being Advocates: Advocating for our faculty’s priorities in support of their teaching and learning goals.