What We Do

The NYUSPS Sports and Society program was created to lead research, produce published works, and host events that examine the meaning, the morality, and the impact of sports on a global scale. We strive to develop a deeper understanding of sports as they relate to society, and to enable sports to better serve society.

The NYUSPS Sports and Society program teaches through public media forums; writing and publishing scholarly texts; delivering course content to a variety of audiences; and hosting conferences, seminars, and training sessions for sports industry leaders around the world. We also assist sports programs in their efforts to maintain optimum levels of safety and integrity. In addition, we contribute our labor and knowledge to programs that use sports to provide health, academic, and career opportunities to disadvantaged groups.

The program employs sports to bridge disciplines and to help disparate parties understand each other’s needs and interests. We use our insights towards the improvement of sports, and thus, the betterment of society.