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NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference - Sustainability

Sustainability at NYU

Learn about NYU's ongoing commitment to a greener future.
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Recognizing the crucial impact the hospitality industry can have on sustainability, our commitment to going green is essential. The NYU Hospitality Investment Conference moderators and panelists embed sustainable issues and solutions within workshops where appropriate, continuing the NYU tradition to advance green initiatives in the hospitality industry.

But NYU does not just talk green – we are environmental proponents and partners.

Did you know …

  • that in lieu of printing and mailing a traditional conference brochure, we market with a downloadable PDF?
  • that the conference program materials distributed at registration are all printed with soy ink on 30% recycled paper?
  • that the extensive speaker biographies are available as a PDF download?
  • that reception food at designated green stations is grown locally, on New York and New Jersey farms?
  • that New York University is a leading purchaser of wind power, both nationally and in New York City?

While the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference is more environmentally friendly than ever, there is more awareness, learning, and greening to be accomplished. Visit to learn about NYU’s ongoing commitment to a greener future.